17 July 2013

How He loves us.

I love how God speaks to me. He speaks through the things i use in my days, He often uses social media like tweet of someone, blogs, and last night, through app on FB. Actually not just last night, but also 3 days ago. I had nothing to do and decide to open this application on Facebook and see if God really wants to say something to me through it. And this what it said.

I was shocked. Because it was what actually i need, been reminded of the truth that i am still a child of God even if i do tons of mistakes. That night, few hours before i read this, i felt terribly unworthy. Well, i did the same mistake again and again, i did not murder, i did not steal, i did not cheat, i just not did what i suppose to do, be a good daughter. Then i felt so tired of myself that night, i whispered to God, is He sick of me too? Is He tired of me too? Because i hurt His heart a lot. And amazingly, this application said so............

The second one, i got last night. Exactly few hours before that, i was drowning my pillow with tears. I forgot how it started, but last night my tears couldn't even stop for some minutes, it felt hurt, it felt hard, so hard that i whispered to God i just can do this by my own. And look what i got (again)..... God will get me through the pain. :'"

and if He will get me through, the one who always fail Him, i'm so sure, He will get you through too, whatever you may face, He is with us. 

Nothing we can do makes He loves us less. Note this.


KeZia Margaret said...

HUaaa huaaaaaa.. *peluk titin*

Unknown said...

Semangat titin! :")