09 November 2012



Stop berkeluh kesah tentang kejombloan.
Stop berkeluh kesah tentang nyokap yang cerewet.
Stop berkeluh kesah tentang boss yang nyebelin.
Stop berkeluh kesah tentang bokap yang pelit.
Stop berkeluh kesah tentang kerjaan yang numpuk.
Stop berkeluh kesah tentang rutinitas yang membosankan.


Gwe barusan dapat kabar duka cita. I just read THIS.
It broke my heart to pieces! Terlebih karena, the guy who died is a father of my friend. :"

Iblis makin berusaha terlalu giat untuk hancurin anak-anak muda. Untuk meracuni pikiran anak muda.
Untuk menghancurkan image anak muda di mata dunia, kalau anak muda itu gak bisa apa-apa, bisanya cuma foya-foya, ngebangkang, ngelawan orang tua, drugs, free sex. 

Hey young people! RISE UP!
I just found great article to be shared with you guys, take a look!
God is Raising a Great Army of Young People!
by Mario Maxwell

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to speak to the Body of Christ and tell them about the times and seasons that we are entering into.  We are embarking upon a season where the Kingdom of God is going to invade young people like never before!  God is going to do something so great with this next generation that it is going to blow our minds!
            What we are about to witness in this next season are answers to prayers that have gone up on behalf of youth everywhere.  Things are going to start happening suddenly on behalf of our youth!  God is rising up young people from all over the world to impact the nations for His Kingdom.  He is pouring out His Spirit upon them and anointing them to fulfill their destinies!  
A Favorable Generation
            The Lord will pour out His favor upon young people in this season like never before.  He is going to rise up young people in such an extraordinary way.  There will be a great amount of favor poured out to young people in the different arenas that they step into.  We are going to see many young actors and actresses being raised up who will command such an awesome amount of attention from the world.  God will raise them up and will use them to bring Him glory!  There are also going to be some Christian bands and groups that are going to be elevated to a place of major influence and favor.  God is going to use young people in a mighty way and we need to rejoice!
The Sound of Revival

          There is a sound coming forth out of the hearts of our young people.  It is the sound of revival.  Revival is going to break out all over the world!  It is going to begin in the United States and in Europe, particularly in England and the Red Light District of the Netherlands.  A fresh fire will burn in the hearts of young people everywhere as they begin to experience the power of God.  Many millions of souls will come pouring into the Kingdom as young people everywhere begin to testify about the awesome God that we serve.  The Lord will move upon young people in such a phenomenal way.  It will be unlike anything that we have seen before! 
Prophetically, there is an open door for souls to come into the Kingdom.  Whenever you see or hear about doors being opened for something or someone, it signifies that the person or people have been granted access to an area that was once restricted.  The Lord says that "Access has been granted to the millions of hungry young people that have not experienced the power of God.  Now is the time for them to hear of My goodness and become a part of My Kingdom."  He says,"I am reclaiming the youth of this nation and I will cause them to be on fire for Me.  He says that they will burn with a pure passion and a holy desire to see My Kingdom come and My will be done." 

Even if your children or youth are not saved and on fire for God right now, begin to see them and speak them into the Kingdom and know that you will soon see the fulfillment of the words that you speak!

         The Spirit of the Lord will begin to move upon young people in the Kingdom of God and they will begin to defy and break down old, religious structures.  They will begin to move with powerful and creative anointings that will be unlike anything the Body of Christ has ever seen.

There will be a powerful move of God that will breakout and break forth in our school systems.  The enemy has run rampant in our schools for far too long!  The Spirit of the Lord says "Now, I will begin to raise My Standard in the schools.  The Standard of the Lord shall rise once again."  The Spirit of the Lord will begin to break out and flood through our schools!  Spontaneous and uncontrollable moves of the Holy Spirit will take place! His presence will fall is such incredible ways that will not be contained! 

A Time to Stand!

            There is a powerful force of prayer that is coming forth out of young people.  They will begin to rise and come together to pray and intercede!  They will begin to gather together at their schools and other public places and begin to take a stand!  The force of their prayers and intercession will begin to shift many things in the heavenly realm and will cause an effect here in the earth.  They will begin to unite and take a stand against the enemy in our nation! 
A New Generation

There is a new generation that is arising.  I liken this new generation unto Joshua and Caleb.  The Bible says that Joshua and Caleb "had another spirit" (Num 14:24).  This spirit caused them to rise up and take possession of a promise that was given to their forefathers many generations ago.  The Lord says this next generation of people will rise up and take possession of the promises that He has given to them and to their forefathers long ago.  He says, "They will rise up and pick up the mantles of the generals of old.  I will pour out My Spirit upon them.  They will cast out devils and they will heal the sick.  They will work creative miracles.  They will testify of Me and cause My name to be great in the eyes of the world.  This generation shall hear My voice and they will break the cycles."

The generation that Joshua and Caleb spearheaded was a warrior generation.  They were a radical generation that had great success in war.  They were not afraid to neither confront nor conquer.  This coming generation of youth will war and conquer in the same way.  They will not be afraid to speak to forces of darkness that have plagued our society.  They will rise up and confront and overthrow abortion and other demonic structures in our land.  Their voices will be heard.  They will be heard on Capital Hill.  They will be heard in Washington, D.C.  Their voice will be heard in our legislation.  Their voice will be heard in the upcoming election.  They will be a radical generation of youth that will violently take the Kingdom by force (Matt 11:12)!

This generation will also be called a generation of worshippers. There will be such a distinct and unique sound that will flow through our youth.  They will be a generation of people who seek God's heart.  The Lord says, 'I will ignite a passion inside of them that cannot be quenched.  They will have a passion for the Kingdom like never before. They will hunger for Me and they will thirst for Me; and this hunger will be greater than any addiction, and it  will be greater than any pain.  They shall hunger for me and thirst for me and I will fill them, for they that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled!"  There will be a great filling of the Holy Spirit. A great filling, a filling like never before.  The Spirit of the Lord will fall in such a way that we have never seen before!    

 Young people will unite under the banner of the name of the Lord!  In their unity and in their worship, they will create such a powerful sound that will break generational, denominational, and cultural barriers. They will demonstrate an ability to unite in such a way that will set a standard that the world must recognize.   
What we are going to see coming forth in these next few months concerning our young people is going to be awesome!  The Lord is going to raise up for Himself an army whose cadence will be His heartbeat.  Continue to pray for our young people, especially for their protection and their safety.  Most importantly, rejoice for the great things that God is going to do for and through our children!

Yes Yes Yes!
Dan iblis sungguh-sungguh sadar akan kegerakan anak muda yang dahsyat ini dan yes! dia berusaha menggagalkan setiap destiny anak muda dengan cara apapun.


Berdoa lebih lagi yuk untuk generasi kita, berdoa lebih untuk nama-nama yang sekelibat muncul di pikiran kamu, temen, sahabat, yang mungkin beberapa minggu, bulan ini Tuhan taruh di hati kita, berdoa buat kampus, berdoa buat para anak muda di lingkungan kita, biar hatinya, pikirannya, Tuhan yang take control. Berdoa lebih kencang lagi untuk generasi kita. 

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