04 May 2015

Not by might nor by your power

So tonight, I've been reminded about simple things that I might have forgotten.

So he said to me, "This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty. -Zechariah 4:6

Today, in my writing ministry, I've been assigned to write something that beyond my understanding and my knowledge. I have to write about marriage. Yeah I know, single people like me have to write those kind of topic. That's exactly how I felt and I said to my senior that I'm not capable enough to write such thing as that.

Instead of telling me, 'of course you can..' like I thought she would tell me, she said another thing.. 

'You are not capable, that's for sure. Gak ada satu dari kita pun yg punya capability enough buat membahas Firman Tuhan, secara kita semua hidup juga gak ada yg perfect. Justru didalam ketidakmampuanmulah kamu gak bisa depend on kecerdasan kamu sendiri .. gak bisa membanggakan diri dan berkata "Ini GW loh yang nulis! GUE punya kemampuan!". Dalam ketidakmampuanmu, Nama Tuhan dimuliakan'

I was kinda surprised yet so gently reminded by her reply. 

Working as a writer for more than 1.5 years somehow assures me that I can write. It somehow gives me judgement that I, finally, able to do something, Write. And maybe, without I realize, writing is something I can usually do without much help from others. And maybe somehow, in my writing things (which now I'm doing 2 freelances and 1 fix assignment and 1 ministry), I forgot that I can do nothing without Him. 

Doing things as habit can cause us to forget who actually work behind us. 
It is Christ who works through you that enable you to do things, greatly. 
If these days lately, you have forgotten that all things come from Him and to Him alone, 
If these days lately, you think you can take a good photo because you are a photographer,
you think you can dance because you are a dancer,
you think you can sing because you are a singer,
you think you can buy many things because you are rich,
you think you can be (even) a worship leader because you are great.

Nope, you are wrong.
You and I can do such thing as that just because of His power, His grace and His spirit.

So, why don't you and me take a moment to simply thank God for all things He has given to you and me. Talent, richness, friends, families, good looking face, and ALL things, comes from Him. Let use those things for His glory, only.

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Ruth Lidya said...

Wah sangat menegur :" Terimakasih kak!

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