22 September 2014

Facts about Me

I know I should do this on Instagram (or facebook) and I did. But in the middle of my deadlines plus sakit kepala akibat kemaren kehujanan pas mau ke wedding temen, so here I am.. Mencari sedikit hiburan dengan writing (again but different plus additional) facts about me, it's so fun!

Before I start it, kemaren gwe baru attended 2 weddings of my close friends... Kenapa dari 365 hari dalam setahun mereka harus milih hari dan tanggal dan jam yang sama. Yang membuat gwe harus keluar duluan pas makan-makan di wedding pertama dan nyampe di wedding kedua setelah makanannya ludes....... dan berakhir di burger king jam 11.30 malam, kelaparan, sendiri. But anyway, i'm so happy for both of them, satu temen SMA, satu temen kuliah :") Congratulation July Sianetta dan Janice Gunawan!

Let's start my 20 facts:
1. I'm a first born in Family, that's the reason i have (or had) my choleric temperament i guess.
2. I used to be a choleric sanguine, but i don't know why, it changed to melancholic phlegmatic according to last personality test.
3. I am an observer, i can somehow know what happened between x and y, i know someone is not in good mood while actually they don't show it in publicly. I also sometimes know x likes y just because the stare of their eyes. You may say, i can read eyes-gazing. #HOHO
4. I love to read, i used to read 'til 3 am but then comes the media named instagram. But i do still read, sometimes.
5. I love to write, and actually i figured out this passion after my broke up at high school, and i'm so grateful for it because i finally know what my passion is.
6. People who not know me well might say i'm so jutek and nyebelin (though they do not know me yet) 'til they know me, they end up with saying the reverse version.
7. As i grow up, i learn to let things go, i learn that some people meant to be there and some not. I learn that in seasons of life, people come and go. But it's okay, they were (or are) there for a reason, and just be thankful for it.
8. I cry a lot. I cry when i'm sad, i cry when i'm mad, i cry when i'm happy, i cry when i'm sick, i cry A LOT.
9. I'm an extrovert person, but most of the times i prefer lock my self in my bedroom and just have ME time in doing nothing or go to bookstore alone. Well, actually i'm still figuring out whether i'm an introvert or extrovert one. HEHE
10. I have tons of friend but little of best friend, so little 'til i can count by my fingers. 
11. 'Lo bahagia gak sih sama hidup lo?' is the strangest question that ever asked to me, and I.. didn't answer that question that time because.. well..... what is the concrete measure of happiness?
12. 'Selama hidup kamu, apa yang paling kamu sesalin?' is the strangest question number 2 that ever asked to me and i answered.... nothing. Because after years i've realized that everything happens for a reason and all things work together for my good :)
13. Since i was a 'lil girl, i've longed for an older sister who i can talk with about anything. And as time goes by, many girls came to my life and gladly i can say, they're my sister. Some left, but it's okay. #backtonumber7
14. My favorite song is 'you are my hiding place by selah'. When i'm overwhelmed by all things, i listen to this song, and i cry :") my weird way to relieve feelings.
15. Have i told you, i'm an overthinker person?
16. I have 'short-term-memory' i guess. I'm easily forget something (even the important ones like curhatan orang-orang) sampai pas mereka cerita 'inget gak sih gwe pernah cerita tentang blablablabla' dan gwe cuma bisa geleng-geleng. 
17. I don't like routines things, but sometimes i also don't have enough courage to make something new neither.
18. People often say i'm a labil person. And yes i am. I'm in my most labil moment when it comes to shopping time. 
19. I love to meet new people, i like to make new friendship with people but i think i don't have the skill in maintaining friends but when it comes to best friend, we can spend months without talking to each other but when we meet, it's like 24 hours a day were not enough.
20. I love doing this stuff! It's a fun way to explore yourself, knowing who are you in unique way, and i spent 30 minutes to make these 20 list.

HAHAHA i'm done! It's much longer that what i posted on instagram, and btw, kak theresia tagged me to do 'The Reader's challenge: quickly list 10 books that have stayed with u in some way' and here they are:

1. Bible (should i mention why?)
2. Sacred singleness by Leslie Ludy
3. I kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris
4. When God says YES by Julia Loren
5. How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer
6. Blessed highly favored by McKinney Hammond
7. Beautiful things happen when a woman trusts God by Sheila Walsh
8. Love your life by Victoria Osteen
9. Novel Zoom by Rina Suryakusuma
10. All novel written by Agnes Jessica

now currently listening to: indah pada waktu-Nya by edward chen (laptopnya temen sebelah yang lagi nyalain lagu)