01 July 2013

Love like Jesus.

Selama ini, we have heard people say, love like Jesus loves. But actually, have you ever wondered and imagined or even experienced how hard it is?

This thing or let say, insight came suddenly dan sejenak cukup bikin gwe simply think about it.

Beberapa hari ini gwe belajar ini. And this thing happened to some people even my close ones. Dan ketika kita mendengar kabar gak enak tentang mereka, kalau ternyata mereka begini dan begitu yang gak baik, those times are the times when we need to learn, to love people like Jesus loves.

Love like Jesus means...

When you have heard bad issues about someone, you can still love them objectively.
When you know their weaknesses, you can still love them sincerely.
When you've been hurt by them, you can still love them without any 'what if now i'm hurt again?'
When you know their past, you can still love and respect them.

Seperti ketika Yesus dulu suruh Zakheus turun dari atas pohon dan bilang kalau Dia mau numpang makan dirumah Zakheus, bukan berarti Tuhan gak tau Zakheus itu siapa, even orang-orang sekitar tau Zakheus orang berdosa, tapi Tuhan melihatnya dengan sudut pandang netral dan bahkan dengan kasih, even when He knows segala keburukannya Zakheus.

And yes, so now i'm learning, to love like Jesus. And yep, i'm gonna fail million times, but it's okay, at least i'm trying, and He sees my heart. He sees your heart too :)


jerrytrisya said...

Hi Teen, totally agree and very familiar story in my personal life too.

Christian people are viewed as a group that cast the biggest condemnation and judgement to the world. Though it is a big misunderstanding, sadly I have to say it's not wrong either... We have grown to be a good fault-finder and a terrible lover-of-people.

Thks Teen for keeping us in check.