29 November 2012


Jerrytrisya said...

christine, new reader here, found ur blog frm viryani kho's.

Have read all 5 of your latest writings and I must say I'm officially a new fan!

Your passion is felt in the words ur put and there's a strong feeling that you're not writing to be adorned or to become well-known. You write just becoz u r a writer inside.

I myself am new in writing, started just for fun 2009, compelled and got burning inspiration to write seriously from God and other great christian bloggers abroad. i am curious to find ones here in Indo, that's why I'm in search to find Indo Christian Bloggers who can inspire me.

Am a big fan of AMSALFOJE. She writes almost everyday, great style and I think she has the potential to be a great Christian blogger. I encourage her to take it seriously by learning how to start her own website.

I think now you're on my #2! I I like that you keep writing often despite not many comments coming your way. And your stuff are great! LOVE THEM! Keep writing ya Christine, God bless you for writing this story, am so very blessed! Will come often from now on! SEMANGAT!!

P.s you should start thinking to build your own site. You prob don't fit the description"teen" anymore. Would love to help you out!


christine natalia said...

sincerely thank you and amen :") nothing more i could say. God bless you..

ps: 'teen' is actually my nickname, taken from 'titin', and i make it to 'teen' so it seems cooler :p

jerrytrisya said...

ooooo teen is your name... missed that!

www.christinenatalia.com would really sound way cooler haha!