06 January 2012

blog walking

Di hari Jumat siang yang cuacanya lagi mendung manja *bahasa temen gwe* gini, daripada nganggur gak ada kerjaan, then gwe memutuskan untuk blog walking. Suatu hal yang udah jarang banget gwe lakuin karena lebih suka bacain timeline twitter dan terpaksa bergadang bikin tugas. .__.

dan siang ini, gwe menemukan beberapa blog yang sangat worth it untuk dibaca, meskipun panjaaaaanng dan tulisannya kecil".. :p well, somehow, baca blog orang yang suka share pengalaman hidupnya dan pergumulan" hidupnya bisa bikin kita sangat bersyukur akan apa yang kita punya, akan apa yang udah berhasil kita lalui dan akan apa yang sedang menjadi pergumulan kita, dan satu hal, kita diingetin bahwa...... "semua orang punya prosesnya masing-masing".

so, here the links... buat yang mau ikutan jejak gwe bacain blog orang..

1. http://penaditanganbapa.blogspot.com
2. http://nelotte.wordpress.com

untuk sementara, 2 diatas dulu aja.. mereka punya sejibun postingan yang layak baca...... :))

nb: dan ketika gwe mampir ke SINI, dia share tentang sesuatu yang akan gwe copy paste ke sini.. ini adalah daily devotion yang dia baca dan 'ngena' di dia.

“Trusting God’s Timing”

When are you going to bring me a mate? God, when is my business going to take off? When are my dreams going to come to pass?

You can relax knowing that God is in control, and at the perfect time He is going to make it happen. The scripture says, The vision is for appointed time. Though it tarry wait earnestly for it, for it will come to pass.” “Appointed Time”.

But whenever it is you can rest assured that it will be in God’s perfect timing.

It’s not going to be one second late. At exactly the right time, God is going to bring the perfect person into your life, and he or she will not be one second late.

Be patient, It’s not the right time.

Simply remain faithful and keep doing the best you can.

Consider the possibility; you may be ready for what God has for you, but somebody else who is going to be involved is not ready yet.

Just stay in an attitude of faith and learn to trust His timing.

Don’t get in a hurry or try to force things.

To live your best life now, you must learn to trust God’s timing.

Learn to trust His timing. Don’t go in a hurry; don’t grow impatient; don’t try to force doors to open. Don’t try to make things happen in your own strength. Let God do it His way.

The sad truth is, if you push hard enough, and if you’re so stubborn that you must have things your way, God will sometimes allow you to undertake a project without His blessing or at the wrong time. The problem with that,of course, is when you start something in your own strength andin you’re own timing, you’re going to have to finish it and maintain it in your own strength. When you let God start something, He’ll finish it for you. He’ll provide everythng you need.

When we try to force open doors and make things happen in our own strength, the end result is a constant strain on us and a drain on our resources. Life becomes a constant struggle. Nearly all joy, peace, and victory dwindle from your existence. That is not a place of contentment and satisfaction.

Be careful! If God isn’t in what you are doing, you need to make a change. Here is where many people miss God’s favor. They know God has spoken to them; He has placed a dream within their hearts. But they then set about trying to fulfill God’s plan on their own. We must be aware that if we get out of God’s timing, it’s the same as getting out of God’s will. We need to be patient and let God bring His plan together at the appointed time.

But when it’s God timing, it doesn’t matter what the surrounding circumstances look like. It doesn’t matter what people are telling you. If God says it’s time, then He will bring it to pass.

Understand, when you get out of God’s timing, you are stepping out of His favor. When you step out of His favor, you are operating on your own in the dark. I’m not saying that when we do something for God we’re not going to have adversity. But fighting the good fight of faith outside God’s timing can leave you constantly struggling, never having anything go your way, never having any joy. On the other hand when you’re in God’s timing, you can be in the midst of the biggest challenge of your life, and you’ll still be filled with joy. God will give you all the grace you need. If you will learn to trust His timing, He’s promised that at the right time, He will bring your dreams to pass and answer your prayers. The answer will come, and it will be right on time..

:)) ahsedap!
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