08 March 2011

reblogged from tumblr

I want to get hurt. A car accident, anything. I want to get injured enough to wind up in a hospital, just to see if anyone would come to make sure I’m okay. And I’d pretend to be sleeping or dying so in case anyone actually did come, they would sit at the edge of my bed, crying, and tell me everything. I want to hear everything they’ve ever thought of me, how they really feel, if they’re sorry for anything. I just want to know the truth. And I want to know who truly cares about me.

kalimat ini gwe liat dari tumblr orang. dan..
setuju sih.
*kecuali bagian yang car accident dan masuk rumah sakit. oh please gwe takut jarum suntik*sometimes we wonder who our REAL friends are.
siapa yang bener-bener peduli, dan siapa yang enggak.
ya ga?
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