18 September 2019

The Potter and His Clay

I'll have a quick update for you all (and for me to remind myself of what is happening today).

21 February 2019 I started a new project on Instagram called @thepotterandhisclay. Actually, in that moment, I was facing a quarter life crisis where I feel insecure about job I have, about ministry I have, about love life, about future, basically about everything.

And through a conversation with a friend, I decided to make this project, iseng, just for the sake of writing what's in my heart and mind. Since no one now reads blog anymore. I think, Instagram is a good medium.

Then the journey started.

Ah, the name itself, came from caption I once posted on my personal instagram. The Potter means God, the clay is us, His people. Do as His will, and we are the clay will be made to perfection in His eyes, used as the tool to spread the goodnews, to bring Him glory.

Throughout the journey, all I can see is, whoa, God is so so so great.

Started from 0, and now it has 6k followers, and I believe, more to come.

Intimate with God, and His wisdom brings favor in God's eyes and people's eyes.
That is I believe.

I've seen God touched soooo many people through this account, He talked with sooooo many people outthere, pour out His love, just by the words, through me. It's crazy feeling, can be used for His kingdom. Still imperfect, somethings fall down on sin, but God is too great. He keeps saying things in my heart and mind, to be spread to the public.

And one thing I believe, when God work through me, He will work in me too.
I'm now a work in progress, like a clay, in progress to become something beautiful.

More to come, more to come.
Can't thank God enough.
It started with doubt, but now I know, my purpose. I know what I'm doing. I know that my life can be useful.

Our God is a game changer.
He can change the situation.
Bad to good.
Doubt to confidence.
Failure to victory.

Yes, and amen!