05 September 2013

Shana Tova!

I don't know how God is so super COOL! These few days as i mentioned earlier, i think i'm facing closed doors, dalam hal pekerjaan dan masa depan tentunya. And guess what, ternyata bangsa Israel hari ini turn to another new year, tahun 5774, alias Ayin Dalet, dan tahun Ayin Dalet ini ngomongin apa sih? Surprisely, it talks about DOOR (Open Door/Portal/Opportunity/Entrance)! Kaget? Banget.

Well i'm not that super high spritually person yang uptodate banget sama kalender Yahudi or sama apa-apanya Israel, tapi khusus pergantian tahun ini, gwe kaget! Berhubung lagi sensitif sama yang namanya pintu, eh bisa-bisaan ternyata tahun 5774 ini ngomongin tentang open doors.

This is the prophecy of Chuck Pierce dan kawan-kawan. (well you might see this PAGE for full article)


My Eye is watching you! Now I will begin to direct you in a way that you will know that the path before you is being lit for your future.  I’ve been watching and nothing you’ve done has escaped from My vision.  I will now begin to order your steps, and in ordering your steps I will begin to lead you through and into a place you’ve not been before, and into a victory that you have never attained.  My voice will speak over you and cause the path that’s been crooked to begin to straighten out.  Look for your straight path, and on this path is a four-fold anointing and return for you.  My Eye is on YOU!  Now you will hear My voice and hear My Word coming from behind you, telling you which way to step.

You will come to a DOOR, when you’re at the end of your strength, and you will command the door to open.  And on the other side of that door will be the strength and the might and the power of God.  You will come to the door when you are at the end of your faith; you will command the door to open, and on the other side will be the faith and power of God.  You will come to the door when you are at the end of your health and command the door to be open; on the other side will be the healer God, and healing will open up to you.  This is the season where our Kinsman Redeemer will redeem and open every door need for your entry!

So don’t trust in your own ability to finagle, but just be willing and be obedient and trust that if I have brought you this far to do something, then I have all the pieces in order in front of you to complete the task at hand.  Go ahead and say, ‘Just show me the next little tiny step’.  Listen to Me —Every finish line is a series of tiny, tiny little steps.  And not everyone is willing and obedient to do each tiny step.  Therefore, their finish line eludes them.  They run, run, run, without finishing the race!  So I encourage you: make the tiny steps of willingness, be obedient to what your hand holds, and your feet will cross the finish line and the door will swing wide open!

(From Glory of Zion International Ministries – May 2013)

Well, let say BIG AMEN to the prophecy above. :")
So, whatever the closed door you face todays, pekerjaan kah? keluarga? teman? sekolah? pasangan hidup? panggilan hidup? Have FAITH! Tahun ini, pintu-pintu akan terbuka, yang terlihat impossible will be happen, be ready!

SHANA TOVA! (red: Happy New Year)
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