20 June 2011

life nowadays..

so, sorry for being so busy.. :p
i'm drown by the presentation and essays from my lecture..
who said "High School is hard", i bet they've never been in college life..

so here i am,
writing blog in my english class, i have super unique lecturer from, mm, Aussie? or something..
he is sooooooo freaking funny.. :D ssshh.. don't tell him i wrote this..

em btw life's been so complicated these days, people change, get some troubles, yeaa but that's life, if you don't get trouble, then you die. :)

beyond that, i know i am blessed, i know i am loved, by the One and Only God almighty. so, keep struggling, keep praying, and never give up..

and for you, stop think that you are the worst of human in this whole universe,
you know the Truth, and don't let Satan intimidates you.