23 November 2010

how they made my day..

so, welcome to MC 13-2B..
i won't tell much with words, enjoy it with photos..
cause some words are best unspoken, but captured with heart :)
dan gwe senang sekali mempunyai teman teman unyu macam kalian... :*

foto ini berhasil bikin gwe ngakak sampe puas :D

unyu, uh?
read more about her at livewithyourlove.blogspot.com

her name is venny, wanna know her more, visit her blog @kenyeljelly.blogspot.com

and here are the unyu pictures that made by us ::



Angie said...

Hi ci Christine!
Seru ya pny sahabat, buat gila2an, buat sharing, hahaha..
Kdg aku jg bersyukur bgd bs pny sahabat yg bnr2 bs buat hr2ku heboh :) They made my day too...^^