16 October 2010

Another letter for You..

Dear God,
i just passed my 19th birthday..
And it's so amazing to know that You never leave me so far, and please don't ever leave me alone God..

i know i've been so childish, so selfish, and self-minded.. i know i couldn't live without You, but sometimes i still want do things alone, without asking Your permission..

God? Thanks for Your blessings, Your grace upon me, Your guidance, from the first day You made me, until now.. it's so wonderful to know that You are my God.

God? Please help me to grow up in You, more and more each day to be like You, in all of my days, in all of my words, in all of my acts, please help me to do those things for You only, to glorify Your name only.

Please believe me, that i do really love You God, even sometimes, sadly mostly, i do hurt You. i do dissappoint You.. I'm really sorry. :(

Once again, i just wanna say THANK YOU for everything, everything that You have done, and haven't.. cause i know, Your plans on me are so wonderful and beautiful :)

Ps: God, i really want to go to Israel, that is my wish for my birthday, will You make it comes true? :)

Your (childish) daughter,


Fellicia said...

Waw :D Happy birthday ya :D

christine natalia said...

Aw.. Makasih yaaa :)