19 September 2010

#letters to God (1)

Dear God..

I just watched the film titled 'letters to God'..
It's really inspiring Lord.
And i felt Your presence through it.
Such an amazing movie.

And that film gave me Faith, like the boy named tyler said. i know God is always right ;)

yah, You are always right, in what You do, whenever and however.

and by the way, from now on, i'll write some letters to You, and will post it in my blog. Is it okay? :)

You know God.
I'm really blessed and thankful for whatever You've done in me, in my life.
Whatever. The good, and the 'bad'. 'bad' in my sight, but i know, it's always GOOD in your sight.

For each minute You've given.
For every situation that makes me cry, i know You make me stronger than before.
For my family, even it's not a perfect family, well, i'm thankful for it.
For my (best)friends, bless them like You bless me, guide them like You guide me.
For my (best-ever)siblings in Christ, who always be there whenever i need a warm hug or a simple prayer ;)

Thank you for EVERY single things You make in my life.
I love You Lord, i really do.

I'm sorry if sometimes i make You cry, i make You mad at me, i make You disappointed of me. I'm really sorry.

Do You believe God? That i love You.
ps : by the way, ignore all the grammatically rules ya? ;)