16 May 2009

No more question.mp3 - Kristian Satrio W.

In the darkness of my life, there is a light to me
In My hopeless there is a lot… hope You gave to me
At a problem that i Face, you give me more than strength
At the time when I’m crying, you give Your shoulders… to me

I really don’t understand
Is that any precious on me
It’s doesn’t make any sense
why You look at me

Ask about a faith, and sun will explain you
Ask about the beauty, the flowers will show you
Ask about a sacrifice, a candle will be burn to you

so what is precious on me
Why do You look at me
And what will You ask to me..
Will ask to me…

You said that I’m yours apple of thine eyes
Said that I’m yours son
Said that I’m so precious
And I’m Yours…

So what’s the question to me
You tell me all the answer
So what must i ask myself
There is none…there is none…